Getting Started

Browsing & Accessing API’s

TMB Open API Platform facilitate users to browse through all the available API’s and identify which API best fits with their requirements. Below mentioned are some examples of available open API’s;

  • Bill Payments.

  • Interbank Funds transfer.

  • Easypaisa Account registration.

Specifications, Request/Response packet, Response codes and other details are available for all available API’s to give insight of API to the user.

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Registration & Sign Up

Creating an account over TMB Open API platform is free and easy. Simple sign up and self-registration process allows the externals to create their accounts before testing any API. When an external user gets registered he will be assigned a unique Client ID and Client secret. These credentials will allow the external users to access the API’s over sandbox environment. ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Support’ is available for users to get their integration queries clarified.

Create an account

Create Test Application

Once the user creates account, he will be allowed to access the TMB sandbox environment API’s, to experiment the integration of sample codes and API’s. Documentation for each API will be available to provide insight and help the user.

Users will be able to integrate and test their applications hassle free inn sandbox environment. ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Support’ is available for users to for any help required.

Business Onboarding

Once you have signed up to the Easypaisa Developer’s portal and want to utilize our API’s, you have to get in touch with our business teams. The business onboarding will be done in parallel with the development. The business onboarding entails number of steps including;

  • Vendor onboarding

  • Contract signing

  • Billing charges agreement and much more.

Go-live Production Application

After integration and sandbox testing, user can request for production environment access, over developer portal. For production environment access, users have to sign a contract with TMB (where applicable). TMB sales or business team will get in touch for the contractual requirements with the external user and to finalize the product pricing with client against each API.

Once the user is done with business and contractual requirements, he will go to the production developer portal and create an account, once the account is created, he will be able to create apps and subscribe to production API’s. Upon app creation Client ID, and Client Secret will be generated on developer portal which will be used in the header parameter of every API. Please note, Client Secret only appears on the screen for one time so do not miss it.

Get 24 * 7 Production Support on your queries by creating jira tickets. For Jira Sign Up Click Here

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